2014 - CURRENT Yahoo7
Senior Software Engineer (Web)

I work in the web engineering team. We take care of all YAHOO7 properties.
Main technologies involved are Node.js, PHP and Java.

2016 - Current Slashnotes

I went through all the steps in the creation of this slack app on both tech and product sides.
It’s all entirely based on AWS technologies.

Check it out: https://www.slashnotes.com

2012-2013 Zanui
PHP Software Engineer

During my time at Zanui I was involved in many projects:

  •  Integration of a recommendation engine into our existing application: the final goal was being able to provide recommendations for final customers based on multiple variables (such as clients’ purchase history, pages viewed)
  • Zanui deals also with other businesses and I was involved in the set up and creation of a portal for suppliers
  • Migration of micro-services to AWS
2012-2012 Business Integration Partners
IT Architect & Software Developer

I worked as IT Strategy & Architectures consultant for an international telecommunication company.
I designed, analyzed, developed and optimized software tools used for knowledge management and IT/Network systems architectural design.

2008-2010 Tuotempo
Web Developer